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Hi all. I hope you are all doing well during these troubling times. I'm writing this post because I have a very specific question about Kobo ereaders...

A few questions actually but the first and main question is: does anyone know if I can order a Kobo ereader from the kobo website to be delivered to my house in the US and will I be able to just sign up with Kobo when it arrives (with my credit card), and be able to buy ebooks for it?? I ask this because I know Kobo is a Canadian company and I am unsure if it is completely supported in the US or even supported at all for that matter. It may sound like a stupid question but I really don't want to order it just to find out after the fact that I have no way of ordering ebooks for it. Thats my main concern but a few other questions I had are as follows:

1) does anyone here use kobo ereaders in addition to or instead of a kindle? If so what has your experience been with kobo and/or how does it compare to kindle? Do you recommend kobo?

2) how easy is it to setup and sign up for a kobo account in the US and are there additional steps that I should know about since it is a Canadian company? Will the price of the ebooks be in US dollars or Canadian?

3) I hear Kobo has overdrive built in and integrated into its operating system. Will that work with a US library card to borrow ebooks?

4) which kobo device, if any, do you recommend? I'm personally considering either the Libra H2O or the Forma which is older than the Libra but bigger and more high end I believe...

5) I would appreciate any and all advice you all might have concerning kobo, kobo ereaders and the kobo ecosystem.

I am currently using a Kindle Oasis 3 and a nook Glowlight Plus 7.8" from B&N. This Kobo would be in addition to those. It would not be replacing either of them but I take my reading very seriously and have been eyeing kobo for years without pulling the trigger on one. I also have to admit that with it being over a year without Amazon or B&N releasing a new high end model, I am itching for something new. Plus I love the asymmetrical design of the Oasis which carries over to the Libra and Forma and am very interested in trying it out.

Thanks in advance for any input on this matter. All the best. Stay safe!
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