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If you want to read The Earthlings for free if you are a KU member then hurry because I am taking this novel out of the KU system soon. I need to branch it out to other platforms because I think it's important. It's had a great run on KU but it is time to let it branch out.

Relaa and Macbeth think they've been saved after getting tickets to leave a dying earth. Their journeys aren't what they expect when they have to fight for everything including their own freedom on an alien planet.

It's had great reviews all over the internet and yes, there are accusations of typos but so far my computer and I can't find them. The upside is that most say it's a great story and a real page turner. So don't delay if you want to enjoy this science fiction YA story for FREE on KU.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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