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KU/KOLL vs Purchases

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I'm seeing something that alarms me on my Amazon sales reports. After almost a month of steadily increasing sales, both the KU/KOLL and the Purchases, in the past two days my KU/KOLL continue to be consistently in the 15 per day range, but my Purchases have dropped from the 15 per day range to about 7 per day. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there some explanation for it?
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It looks like your book has been out since January. Book sales never stay static, no matter what, but you're off the "hot new releases" list and that could be a factor. With only one book, it's always best to focus on writing the next book. More people find you and it's easier to sustain sales with more than one book.
I am busily working on Book II and expect to have the first draft done by the end of April. I plan to have it published by June. So I think I'm writing as fast as I can. Except these last two days which I've spent formatting and proofing the CreateSpace version of Warrior. But, yeah, I understand the "write more books" theory of success and am doing my best to do that.

So, the "Hot new releases" thing could be exaclty the explanation. Hmmm... I guess there's not anything I can do about that.
Whoa!  :eek: Fifteen per day? That's killin' it and draggin' in home.

What Yoda said, when you release the second book, you won't see a two-fold increase over both titles. It'll go up exponentially. My first book sold 23 copies from 10/8/13, when it was released, until 12/18/13, when the second book was released. From 12/19 to 12/31, both books sold over 100 copies each.
Wayne, I managed to hit 500 sales in the first two months (That's KU/KOLL and Purchases, at about a 45/55 mix). I was starting to think I was onto something when my purchases dropped dramatically two days ago and I almost had a heart attack.

Oh well, back to earth. Just more incentive to finish that second book. I'm on the downhill side of that one now at least, but still have a ways to go.
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