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They talked about doing just this on a podcast I listen to a while ago.

The guys came to the conclusion that they'd have the best-selling young adult book ever if they made it about an average-looking young girl who's in love with a super hot guy. Then she also has a close friend who's really into her, but she doesn't necessarily feel the same way back (because she's into Mr. Hottiepants). Also something magical's involved and they're elves. Then in the third book a dark and mysterious third guy comes along he's so enticing that they instantly bang. So the hot guy is all "Oh no!", and the friend guy is all "Oh no!"

And after all that, in the final book, the heroine has to choose which two of her admirers to save and which one dies. Since the dark and mysterious guy's kind of dark and mysterious she chooses him, but at the last moment her close friend sacrifices himself instead, and she realises he was the one who really loved her all along.
It's the kind of story that any young girl can relate to.

Then they decided their next book would have to cater to a male audience, so they'd call it Guy Hero.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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