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Flying Pizza Pie said:
I had my third BookBub for Vegas and the Mob yesterday, once again at 99-cents discounted from $4.99. It's nonfiction and I placed it under the category True Crime.

Five years ago on its first promotion, it sold 2000 copies. It was listed under History and the cost was $340, so over a three-day period it netted $1060. It had a short tail, and sold dozens of copies of another gaming book, eventually getting sticky at about #20,000 where it stayed for months.

Three years ago on the second promotion it sold 1700 copies. It was again listed under History and the cost was $375, netting $815. This time I had three other gaming/crime books and moved about 60 on sell-through, for another $125. The best part was that Vegas and the Mob got sticky at about #6500 where it stayed for several months. It hovers between #20k and 35K most of the time with a little AMS advertising. When I stop advertising, it spirals out of control and crashes at #100K.

This time, I ran a BKnights $5 promo on the 27th, the BookBub on the 28th, and have an eBookHounds promo today (29th). I sold about 10 extra books on the 27th, 632 on the 28th, and so far today the total is 87. The BookBub was $404, BKnights $5, and the eBookHounds $20, so $429. If I manage to get another 71 extra copies sold the next few days, I can say the combo sold 800 total. That would be $560 gross and about $130 net.

The promo moved my Audible copy to #6 and it remains to be seen how much extra I'll net from ACX. It pushed the book to #1 in three Kindle crime categories, so the tail should be reasonable and I hope it will go sticky at somewhere below it's usual spot, perhaps 15K in a week or so. That would be nice. I usually get a few dozen extra paperback sales down the road, so that's a bonus too.

The reason I ran the Bub, was because I wanted the exposure and some sell-through, and also because I have a new book coming out in October - Vegas and the Chicago Outfit - which is on Pre-Order. I'm hoping to get maybe 5% of my buyers to pre-order and the day it breaks will be better than if I'd done nothing. I do have a subscriber list, so I'll hit that right before the release. I've never done a pre-order before, but it will be interesting to see what happens if I have perhaps 20 to 50 orders the day it goes live. I'll let you know on Oct. 21st.
Good luck, Al. It certainly sounds like you've done your homework.
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