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LGBT section gone from KDP? [solved but still other problem]

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I changed Black Sheep out of the LGBT section somewhere last week and changed them into the homosexual and mental disorders of the Childrens section. I then changed the homosexual over to love & romance since I ended up in teen -> social issues and children -> social issues, and no other categories and it's not just a book about issues.

The only problem now is that on I'm only listed under regular teen and on I'm listed under teen romance and childrens romance but nothing else...

The categories I have listed on KDP are children -> mental disorders and children -> love and romance.

I now want to change the love and romance to the regular gay section but somehow that is no longer listed on my KDP list.

*edit* I finally found the section back but I'm still annoyed that Amazon is not showing all the categories that I listed the book under...
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