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To Conquer the Heart of a King

A woman who knows the future but not her own past. The son of a king who must fight for his crown. They will come together to get what they each desire. Their pact will turn to passion…but will they realize it before intrigue tears them apart?

Before Lukas of Falkenberg returns to the Black Forest to take the throne from his dying father, he pays a visit to the nameless Seer at the Cloister of Mariendorf. He takes her captive using her intuition to establish his reign. She willingly trades the punishing confines of the cloister for a palace prison in the hope of gaining her ultimate freedom. Although blind, she can see what the future king cannot-the needs of his subjects. She will win them over, but can she conquer the heart of a king before his half-brother Magnus separates them in a plot even she cannot foresee?

This short, historical novel is free for a limited time to promote the release of my contemporary, full-length romance Home Sweet Stranger.
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