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If your book is free, add the link to this thread, so we can all download it! It helps authors drive their book up the Amazaon algo's and it helps authors as readers, by giving us new books to read!

Authors, we'll ask that you only post about your book once per month per free run and that you wait seven days between back to back posts. This thread should not be considered a second book thread, thanks.

Readers, be aware that most books' "free-ness" comes and goes, so be sure to check the price on the "Buy" button to be sure it is still free when you check. Also, Prime Lending or Kindle Unlimited books show as 0.00 below the main price, please go by the price on the "Buy" button in making your purchase decisions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

We'll periodically repost this message in the thread so that new folks see it.

Thanks! :) -- Betsy and Ann

To keep this thread manageable, and the information in it as current as possible, posts that are over 2 months old are removed. Authors: if your freebie run extends beyond that, you can re-post your free book if an older post about it has been removed.
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