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List your newsletter sign-up form addy here!

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I'm asking for two reasons. One: everybody should have the chance to build on their own lists of interested subscribers. And two: I don't have a list yet, I just joined MailChimp, but I would love to see people's subscription forms! I want to see what they look like, how they read, so I can get an idea or two for my list. We all want to be unique, and that's me, too. (I put the comma in.)

Right now I'm reading the MailChimp how-to-get-started everything, and whatever else I can find at their site, but it leaves a lot to be desired. A little color would be nice. :D
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A brave soul! 8)

I thought this would be another crickets chirping post, yet hope springs eternal. I'll check it out. I'm just looking for a wide sampling of what's out there, and what can be done. Thank you.  :-*
Mine's pretty boring but does the trick:
Still, it works. ;D

Thanks for the look!

Imagine everybody's addy in one place. I think that would be cool. I did save a thread a while back where people here posted their addys, but sometimes those old threads are hard to find, and yet the question remains.
Mine are still a work in progress.
I have several approaches.

On my website, there is a simple form that contains a line for email address and a button. It says "Join my Readers List" and you can see it on my home page, but it's linked on most of the pages on the website.

In my Facebook ads, I'm giving away a free copy of Prophecy's Queen for anyone who signs up for my mailing list. That sends them to this squeeze page. Once they provide their email address, I give them the links to download the free book.

In my books, when I asked my readers to simply join my list, there is no need to sell them on it - they are already readers and fans. For them, I send them straight to the simple subscribe page:

Hope this helps.

I get a dozen organic signups a week on average, and my Facebook campaign has boosted that to 30 a day.
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Mine is the newsletter link in my signature.  Pretty basic stuff though.  One day, maybe I'll match the signup form colors to the website, but for now you'll just have to excuse the lack of color cohesion.  Also, the pitch is kinda long and may cause drowsiness, so please don't read before (or while) operating heavy machinery.

Batteries not included.
My newsletter is at:

Mine is on mailchimp too.
Mine is:

It's on MailChimp and, like many of us, I give away a free book for signing up.
I wasn't getting any sign ups until I simplified it to this.

I think people are afraid of being swamped by newsletters.

It's at the beginning and ending of each book, and on each page of my website. Everyone who subscribes is put in a drawing for my next book.
I also take multiple approaches with my Mailchimp list.

Asking just for email address, on my personal site, visible on basically every page:
A book-giveaway offer, asking for email address and book format, promoted in a variety of ways (e.g., Project Wonderful ads):
The full-on, ask-too-much form directly on Mailchimp:

I assume you want to know what works so I'll clarify that none of mine seem to. Oh well.
Thanks! And keep them coming! I'll check out each one, see what's possible. I have no real idea what might work for me, but I need to try.

MailChimp really could use some color on their site. I almost fell asleep looking thru their help menus. ::)
Here's my squeeze page:!welcome/cqgw

I also have the same box on my webpage.
Also using MailChimp, this is the signup page but I'm about to redo the whole thing and add incentives to buy. If you're looking to learn more about setting up a mailing list and getting people to sign up check out Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell more Books on Kindle (Book Marketing for Authors 1)

My form:
I encourage people to sign up for my emails by complaining about email. Not as effective as offering a free book, but more effective than you might think. :D
Here's mine. I haven't pushed it yet, as I don;t even have a book out at the moment! Still somehow managed to have several people sign up, though. I'll be giving subscribers the choice of 3 different free books to choose from. Ain't I nice?
Here's mine. I like the fonts sizing I'm seeing on some other folks' pages, so I might revamp mine when I get the time. Mine. I am not a spammer, so only send out one or two a month unless something big is going on.
I'm also using Mailchimp, and like a few others I've taken a few different approaches.

1. I have a signup form in my sidebar on almost every single page of my website.

2. I have a contact me form that also gives the option of directly emailing me and signing up for my newsletter at the same time.

3. I have a newsletter signup page, which I also link to in the back of my ebook.

4. I have a newsletter signup form on my Facebook author page.

I'm not getting a TON of action from any of them (and I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten a single signup from the Facebook page form), but since sales of my book really began heating up, I've noticed a definite uptick in subscriptions (along with Facebook likes, Twitter followers and emails). I've gained 16 new subscribers over the past few weeks, with most of those being in the last week. I'm not giving anything away, either, although I've been toying with ideas for things to do content-wise.
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