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This Wordpress plugin "Local Links" sounds like it can do what Booklinker and Genius (the same company btw) links do, for a website anyway.

Anybody used it/heard anything?

I've no interests/connections pecuniary or otherwise in Local Links or its developer. I'm just curious. Description follows.

Local Links
By Robin Phillips (Author Help)


This plugin was originally written for authors, but may be useful for others that link to stores such as Amazon, Apple, and Kobo.

It will automatically edit links to various sites so that the user is directed to their local site. It will work on existing links and new ones. Simply add links to your site as usual, and they will be rewritten on the fly to send your visitors to their local site.

From version 2.0, if the user has a local Amazon store but the store does not sell Kindle books (Amazon Singapore for example), Kindle book links will redirect to while paperback and hardback links will go to the local Amazon store.

In addition, some tidying up of links is performed to remove extraneous junk. If you have affiliate codes, the relevant code can be added to that store's links.

Changes are only made in the user's browser. WordPress posts and pages are not changed, so if the plugin is deactivated or removed, they will return to their previous state.

Currently Supported Stores:

Apple Books
Apple iTunes (audiobooks)
Google Play
Barnes & Noble

Contributors & Developers

"Local Links" is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.
- Robin Phillips

115 Posts
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RBC said:
Sounds nice! Updated 2 days ago so looks developer is still active. Great.

Thanks for the share!
Most welcome. Please let us know how it goes. I might start using them, myself.
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