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moeyknight said:
I've been lurking for a while, but I hope to be able to participate in some of the book klubs.

I got my Kindle because I read a lot and had to give up the room that was my library of sorts to make it into a nursery. ;) There are still books and authors that I feel the need to have the book for, but the Kindle has been great. I'm a little afraid I'll be spending even more on books since it's so easy.
Welcome, Moeyknight! Congratulations on your Kindle and on the nursery!

We're looking forward to the book klubs, glad you can join us. I see by your avatar, you are a Harry Potter fan. We have lots of HP fans here, in fact our first book club is being led by Gertie, Harry's biggest fan, unless she gets arrested for stalking Daniel Radcliffe first. (Is that restraining order still in place?) ;D


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