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Looking for $0.99 books to feature on my blog.

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Hello everyone, I am starting a new feature on my blog called Bargain Books Friday. This will run side by side to the popular, Book of the Month, competition. We have hundreds of votes every single month and about 20,000 hits on the blog a month. It is a great platform to promote your book on. I am doing the first bargain book day on the 29th of this month (Not a friday! lol) but it is the day before the book of the month is announced and we will have about 3000 - 5000 hits that day. So if you have a $0.99 book you want to feature then just leave a reply with a link to your book and the genre. I won't pick the first few exactly, as I want to have several genre's represented on the blog, but it is a feature that will stay and I will have every book that replies to this message on my blog at some point in the near future. Thank you!
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My book, COMING HOME is women's fiction with a little romance thrown in and is .99!


Alex -

Thanks for the offer! My book is New World Orders, a conspiracy thriller for 99 cents - "Killing Kennedy was only the beginning. . ."
Thanks Alex. Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) is a collection of nine short stories about dating, divorce and desperation, priced at .99 cents. Available in all eformats

Here's a link to Amazon US
Thanks for this opportunity! These Hellish Happenings is an offbeat paranormal comedy about the guy who works at the Registration Office of Hell. And it's 99 cents. :)
Hi Alex,

I would love to have my short story on your blog.

Genre is humor - non-fiction.

Link is in my signature.


Thanks, Alex, very kind of you. :-*

Impeding Justice fast-paced thriller/police procedural.

The Crowell Files Volume 1: Empath Stories

About Nick Crowell. A cop who was shot in a cemetery. Since then, he encounters people with paranormal problems.

Horror/paranormal genre

99 cents

(And Good luck to everyone who gets on your site)
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Thanks, Alex.

This is greatly appreciated. What Luck! is a different vampire tale.

Thanks, Alex. This is a great opportunity.

I have two genres with $0.99 books - one a cozy murder mystery and the other a fantasy. I'd really rather have the fantasy mentioned, but I'll leave you links to both.

The Master's Chair (The Chronicles of Terah #1) is a the first book in a series of parallel world fantasies.

A Shot in the Dark is the mystery.

Hi Alex, my novella Spouse Hunting is a contemporary romance.  Thanks for considering it!
The first book in my snarky vampire series, Hard Day's Knight, is in the Top Ten for Occult Horror on Amazon and is available for only $.99!

Hi Alex! Thanks for this opportunity!

Kissing Kelli is a romantic comedy. Thanks again! -- KC
I don't know if you're including novellas.

Handcuffed to the Sheikh (Novella)

Fun, hot contemporary romance. Pure, ridiculous escapism.

My name is Jared Gullage, and I am the author of two fantasy novels (only one of which is .99). 

The Dust Finders, $0.99. 
Literary Fantasy
Some Horror

Hey Alex. I'd love to have my novella featured on your blog.

Shimmerspell is a YA Urban Fantasy. Thanks for the opportunity!
Hi Alex, your having a great day.

I have a few for .99 If you choose to use mine any one would be fine. Eroticromance
Lunch Break Thrillers is a compilation of 12 short stories @ an average of 5,000 per story, so I think you coud say it's a bargain at 99c

If you are short of thrillers. Survival Instinct fits that Bill at 99c
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