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Looking for a critique partner?

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I'm a member of the awesome writing blog, The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. While at RWA Nationals last month, we kept hearing over and over from people looking for critique partners, but didn't know where to start.

So the Rubies have decided to start "The Great CP Search"! No, we're not matching CPs. That's up to you. But we're letting people use our blog this weekend to post "want ads" for a CP, and hopefully they'll find some good leads.

If you're looking for a critique partner, please stop by the blog and post a message. I hope you find the right match!
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This is a great idea!
This is a cool idea. Essentially to agree to terms so there's no disillusionment down the line.

I particularly like the part about comparing writing speed. I'm an extremely slow writer (it'll be about 5 years on my current WIP from start to finish), and I have friends who write 2 or even 3 books a year. I can't commit to critting every one of theirs and what invariably happens is that I crit a few chapters and then fall by the wayside. I should be done with my MS sometime between this fall and next spring, and when it's done, I may be looking for full MS crit exchanges. I have one commitment from my friend Arlene, and I'll make the offer to several other authors I've exchanged crits with in the past, but who knows if they'll be up for it. I'd like to get 4 or 5 people, so I may take you up on this.
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