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I apologize if this is the wrong forum or if anyone feels uncomfortable about the specifics of the type of author I'm asking for.

I'm an indie author, and I've self-published seven books over the last four years. After little success with the Zon, I decided to get back to writing and directing motion pictures, which I did almost ten years ago. During that time, I won a few awards and was able to convince a B-List actor to work in my last film. I'm preparing to create YouTube project which once was a movie script. The series follows five millennials, three women and two guys as they struggle with dating and moving through "adult life". Think a modern day, animated "Living Single".

This video will give you an example of the type of comedy I'm hoping for:

I'd love to find a funny, black female writer. This would be a great way to promo your books and gain more attention. I actually plan to use this project to do exactly that for my future books which will be non-fiction. Be warned that a YouTube series rarely makes a lots of money. (We will have a contract for whatever is made.) The main thing a YouTube series does is gain visibility. The reason why I'm being specific about who I'd like to work with, is that I'm providing the male point of view already, and I want this project to deal with a lot of the issues that many black women face in dating.

I already have a 15 page screenplay, but I think it needs more of a feminine touch. If you're interested you can PM me.
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