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Looking for authors for Written Fireside

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For the rest of 2015 Written Fireside my round robin style written short story feature is sponsoring Pets for Vets. I'm looking for authors interested in participating in one or more of the four stories scheduled from the first one starting in April to the last one ending the 26 of January 2016. At the moment, I have 18 open parts.

Pets for Vets rescues shelter pets then trains and pairs them with veterans like those with PTSD who could benefit from a companion animal. I chose this charity because my husband, not a Vet, has PTSD. His dog, Roxy, isn't a trained companion, but she helps immeasurably.

Written Fireside is based on the campfire game where one person starts a story and then passes it on to the next person gathered by the fire to continue. It's like a hybrid between a blog hop and flash fiction.

I make a schedule (one part each Tuesday) and gather a group of interested authors for each story, usually about 9-11. Each author chooses a part(300-1500 words)/date. The parts are given out on a first to commit, first to choose basis. One part per author per story but authors are more than welcome to join in as many stories as they wish. Since it is my feature, I always write part 1 for each story. Each part is shared on the author's own blog on their scheduled date.

For the Pets for Vets sponsorship, WF stories will still be free to read as written, still free to find online as long as the authors leave their posts up but after each of the stories below are completed, they will be published on Amazon with all proceeds going to Pets for Vets.

If you'd like more information about Written Fireside: or

This link allows you all to view the schedules, genres, a bit about each planned story and the authors who have already chosen a part/s.

Anyone interested in a part please message me. :)
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