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  I recently discovered a short story on my hard drive that I wrote several years ago. I'm not quite sure why I just left it hanging there, but I dusted it off and reworked it (since I've learned a thing or two since I wrote it). Now that it's done, I'm looking for some beta readers who would be willing to give me some feedback. It's a different kind of story than I normally write, and I'm not sure I should actually publish it.

Here are the quick details. It's roughly 6800 words and falls very squarely into the Fantasy genre. Also, it hasn't been edited yet. I'm a fairly "clean" writer, but this story has been living with me for years. There will be hiccups! :)  If you enjoy reading that genre and would be willing to help me out, that would be awesome. Ideally, I'd be looking for a turnaround of one week. My ultimate goal is to discover whether the plot works enough to publish the story--but any feedback will be graciously received.

  Please Message me if you are interested!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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