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Since the second half of last year, I've been using StoryOrigin to grow my mailing list, and use newsletter swaps and group promotions to keep my readers interested while I work on my next book. A few weeks ago, the site went out of beta, so users had to pay for an account upgrade to use all the services.

Because the payment was not enabled in my country, I could not upgrade. I even tried to use a VPN but perhaps because I tried to use a made-up US address, my Visa card was rejected. I may turn to a different provider later, I've been looking into bookfunnel and I might give it a try next month if they accept Paypal payments, but for now, I've been searching around for how to get newsletter swaps with other authors.

My newsletters go out on the 14th and 28th of each month, but if there's an issue, it will go a day or two after. I'm looking for swaps for the 28th. Books that are free or $99c do well with my readers, they tend to click on eye-catching covers most, and prefer gay romance novels. My current subscriber count is 700+ (the number fluctuates as more subscribe and a few will eventually unsubscribe, but it has been 700+ for 3 months now.)

Anyone interested feel free to message me.
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