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I'm trying to write up a press release for book signing I have coming up next month that I want to send to the local newspaper and tv stations. I'm trying to angle it as more of a community event than an advert/announcement. I used to work for Dell and a couple of years ago they pulled out of town and left the city high and dry on some multi-million dollar leases and about 800 employees out of work and twice that many from indirect support.

Anyway here is what I have so far minus the contact information if anyone would care to hack at it and provide some feedback.


Twin Falls resident publishes final book in debut trilogy. Book signing to be held at Twin Falls Barnes and Noble on April 6, 2013 from noon to closing.

Patrick Johnson writing under the pen name of SB Jones has released the third novel of his Eternal Gateway trilogy. This marks the completion of the trilogy that started with his first novel, Requiem, released in June of 2011, followed by the second novel, Guardian, in December of 2011 and the final novel, Sentinel, over the December 2012 holiday season.

April 6, he will be signing copies of all three books at the Twin Falls Barnes and Noble store from noon to closing. All three of his books have made it onto Amazon's top 100 best sellers list for science fiction/adventure as well as Steampunk.

The Gateway trilogy follows the story of Kail Falconcrest in a Victorian fantasy world where he becomes involved with a time traveling mage known as The Guardian. There along with the woman born a thousand years ago who also has the ability to fly, they face off against a power hungry evil that will lead the reader on a time bending ride across all three books and back again.

Patrick Johnson used his strong technical background to self publish The Eternal Gateway trilogy through Barnes and Noble and Amazon's self publishing platforms in e-book formats and print through Ingram's publisher services.

Patrick is a lifetime resident of the Twin Falls area. He graduated from Twin Falls High School in 1996. He worked for the Dell Inc. call center from the day it opened in 2002 to the day it closed it closed in January of 2010. During his time at Dell he traveled and worked all over the world including at Dell's headquarters in Round Rock Texas, El Salvador, and Manila in the Philippines. He is an active member of the CSI student technology club Social Geeks.

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