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Looking for Indie authors to promote on my blog

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Hi Everyone,
I run a blog called The Writers Emporium. It's a site for readers to meet authors and learn about their books and for authors to promote themselves and their works. The blog has been operating since January 2015 and authors that have been featured are David C Cassidy, Stewart Bint and currently DM Cain. I have one author lined up for April and another provisionally lined up for May. After that, there are no more authors ???
I'd like to invite KBoarders to promote themselves on my site.
The promotion is 100% FREE, I simply get you to write a Q&A (that way you control the questions and what you wish to mention) and send me images of your book covers. The only thing I do ask in return is that you promote your appearance on any social media platforms you may belong to as well as any other sites you are involved with (if allowed).
I'm also keen for people to submit book reviews or recommendations and articles on writing, reading in fact anything related to books or writing.
here is the site,
If you're interested in being featured, please message me ;D
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I messaged you too.
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