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Well, that's not exactly accurate. I am also always looking for guest posts (or interviews, press releases, etc) from authors, as well.

But, right now, I am especially looking for other types of guests:

- Editors
- Betareaders
- Proofers
- Reviewers
- Book bloggers
- Website designers for authors
- Cover artists
- Publishers
- Vendors
- Anyone in the business of either epub or paper books
- Readers
- Etc

Also, pre-published writers would be great, and some non-fiction writers or journalists, since I tend to get mostly fiction people.

I would like to do interviews with or run guest posts by guests with more variety than I have been. If a guest post, the topic would be up to you as long as it had something to do with books. Interviews, I can send to you if you are interested, or you can suggest your own questions to me. You supply pictures (of you, or covers, logos, whatever you wish) and whatever links you want. Readers: I also would love to read guest posts (or reviews, etc) from you, on whatever you like.

Naturally, I am totally fine with you plugging your service, cover/editing business, book, etc, in the post, as long as it also contains some interesting discussion content. I like the idea of running one per week, and will often run "theme weeks" that you might be perfect for.

My blog is here:

It isn't a huge traffic blog, but it does okay, and feeds to several of my profiles and such.

Please email me at [email protected] if interested.

(Please email me if you are a fiction author, as well, if you are interested. Genre and format is wide open. I am still always happy to have any book people on my blog - just specifically looking for a bit of variety.)
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