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Hi KBoards,

I am Rick, the founder of SellerMetrics. This is my first post, I have just signed up on a vendor account. I want to get the word out on my KDP advertising tool, and also answer any questions my fellow authors might have on KDP advertising.

I guess I would consider myself an Amazon advertising expert, I was an Amazon product seller and a KDP self-publisher for 4 yrs before SellerMetrics. Managed my own ads as well as my clients.

If of interest to you, you can check out my KDP Advertising guide here: Amazon KDP Advertising: Comprehensive 2021 Guide - SellerMetrics

I am quite sure the above guide can help any beginners with KDP advertising.

Just a quick TL;DL on SellerMetrics:
  • Bulk Bid Changes across all your KDP advertising accounts/marketplace
  • Automated Bid Changes (according to your ACoS goals and strategy)
  • Search Term discovery by finding relevant converted reader searches and add them to your campaigns automatically
  • We offer a 14 days trial


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