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Looking up word definitions

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With my old Kindle, all you had to do to look up a word meaning was to move the cursor in front of the word and the definition would pop up.  I can't figure out how to do this with my new Kindle Fire HD 7 inch.  I do see the dictionary in the list of books downloaded, but you mean I have to leave my book page, go into the dictionary, then look up the word, then go back to the book?  Wow, that's so far away from the convenience of my old kindle.  However, this is the only thing so far that I'm having problems with.  Is there a better way that I don't see?  I loved being able to immediately look up a word with my old kindle.
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Just long press (tap and hold) on the word and the definition will pop up. You have the option to see the full definition, and even to use a different  dictionary. Check out the other options, too, you can write a note, highlight, share, and under the More... menu you can search the term in the book, in Wiki or on the Web.
Thank you!  That works!  :)
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