"Great character development." "Beautiful, fun storyline." See why readers are enjoying this romantic chick-lit novel from Seattle author Chris Van Hakes!

Lost and Found, by Chris Van Hakes
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305 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 30 reviews

"This is a fun, light read - perfect for curling up with under a blanket during winter or on the beach come summer. A sweet tale of love in all forms - from romantic to friendship with some familial relationships thrown in as well - the author has you rooting for all the characters. Everyone is well-rounded, not the perfect Adonis or pure devil that beleaguers so many chick lit books. [This book] is unpretentious and extremely enjoyable." -- Amazon reviewer
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Delaney Curtis just broke up with her boyfriend and moved halfway across the country to start her life over, a life that does not include men, especially not her perpetually grouchy neighbor, Oliver. He calls her ugly, hates her clothes, and has a trail of women leaving his apartment.

Oliver Webber can't seem to stop insulting his new next door neighbor, the unnervingly sweet Delaney. He plans to stay far away from her and everyone else and lick his wounds after unrequited love. Except he keeps running into Delaney, and she's so fun, and kind, and pretty. Before long, he's making up excuses to spend time with her.

Soon they're in the middle of a blossoming friendship. But when exes come back to find Delaney and Oliver, they both need to figure out if love is a losing proposition, or worth the gamble.

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Chris Van Hakes, like Romeo, has a star-crossed lover. Her name is not Juliet, but Cheese. She loves Cheese with all of her heart, but it was not meant to be. She mourns this daily. When not openly weeping at people eating queso, Chris is a librarian, graduate student, mother, and book lover. She has a romantic trapped inside her, and it is constantly trying to find its way out. Seriously, it screams, "I'm in Chris's guts! This is gross! I like love stories, not bile! Let me out!"

Chris wants to tell you that if you enjoyed her books, you should write a nice review with eight million stars, or whatever the highest star rating there is. And if you didn't like this book, you should write a nice review with eight million stars.

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