Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas, by Wendell Mettey
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"Moving stories! Reverend Wendell E. Mettey is a very good story teller and in this book he tells six Christmas stories that reveal the true meaning of Christmas. I especially enjoyed the first story called "The Candle" which is about a man who has experienced much loss in his life. He hears a little girl's prayer and decides he has to help a family have an abundant Christmas. To me it was a little like the three wise men bringing gifts to Jesus. If it has snowed and you want to read a book in bed with your heating blanket on this is a book that will bring added comfort. This is a book you can buy for friends as a special gift and also enjoy yourself." -- Amazon reviewer
Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas is a collection of stories written by Reverend Wendell Mettey for his congregations. While written over a span of years, the stories have a timelessness that appeals to readers of all ages. These simple stories share the emotional journey of characters whose struggles with doubts, fears and resentments cause them to lose hope, but who ultimately find a great gift through the discovery of the true meaning of Christmas. Readers will recognize their own anxieties and concerns in the reactions of the characters and celebrate with them their triumph as they discover the joy of giving… the true spirit of Christmas.

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Meet the Author

Wendell Mettey grew up in Cincinnati, OH and has a Master's Degree in Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Reverend Mettey has served as Pastor for several churches in the Cincinnati area. In 1991, after visiting war-torn Nicaragua and witnessing the poverty and devastation, he felt called by God to resign from his church and begin Matthew 25: Ministries.

Reverend Mettey and his wife Mickey (Michelle) have three children; Tim, Clare and Aaron. Wendell and Mickey are also the proud grandparents of Ethan, Sydney, Olivia, Cora, Noel and Ashlyn.

Reverend Mettey is the author of numerous devotional & inspirational publications. These include "Are Not My People Worthy? The Story of Matthew 25: Ministries" (released in 2004); "What God Desires The Story of the Center for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief" (released in the 2008); "On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?" (released in 2009), "Meet Those Who Met the Master" (released in 2012), and "Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas" (released in 2013). In addition to these books, Reverend Mettey has published several compilations of stories, sermons and reflections.

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