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It's a common, sad story, but I lost my Kindle and will probably have to order another after a period of waiting to see if the airline finds it for me. I've been through the grieving process before with a cracked screen, though, so I'm not so much an emotional wreck this time! However, what's got me worried is the fact that I had built up a very large list of samples over time, which is where I've stashed all those books that I heard about and thought might be interesting, or else want to read but am hoping the price will come down.

I can recover my actual content and rebuild my collections, although it will take some time, but can I get a list of all my downloaded samples? If I go to My Account on, I can see a "Delivery Status" window that shows the last ten downloads, which includes samples, but that's the only record I see of samples. Is there someplace else I can look?

When I had a cracked screen, this wasn't a problem because I could still connect to the Kindle and download all the content to my PC, and the samples could transfer to the new Kindle. Not this time. With the next Kindle, I guess I'll have to start doing backups! Any suggestions for the best way to do this?

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