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I just finished Courtney Milan's latest book, Unlocked. For those of you who don't know, she traditionally published two books, and has just recently indie pubbed a novella. It's really good!

First off, the indie cover kicks ass! I'm not saying the other covers weren't good, but that the new one is great! It's much bolder, and will stand out against other books easily in Amazon thumbnails.

Second, she handles the book's subject matter with incredible grace. A heroine who has been tormented by a bully who ruins her life? When do you see that? That is a tough have to make the heroine not look weak, and the hero not look like a total jerk. Courtney succeeded admirably!

This was such a great read, and it's only .99. She's already hit the #77 spot in Kindle's paid store. Go buy it, read it, and leave her a review. She deserves it! It's really one of the best indie books I've read so far.

(And no, I don't know her, LOL. I got her name from an RWA Conference handout that I found online...then later I realized I'd seen her on Kindleboards. ;) )
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