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I'm having a giveaway this month and everyone who signs up wins something! ;)
Here are the details:

The Prizes

There are three tiers of prizes. Everyone entering this contest gets a prize. The prize for everyone entering the giveaway is a free ebook - my short story Edge of Darkness.

Three people will win a $5.00 eGift card for Amazon!

One person will win the grand prize: an audio book, Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law! (unabridged)

he Rules

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is sign up to the mailing list/newsletter. The Epistle Publishing Newsletter is a brief newsletter sent out usually once every other month updating subscribers about my new releases or projects.

The giveaway is short and simple. All contestants are chosen randomly for prizes. So, to enter and win one of these prizes click the link and sign up below!

Other Information

This giveaway starts Sunday, March 10th, 12pm Pacific Time and will end on Sunday, March 31st, 12 am Pacific Time!

Click this link to sign up and win:

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