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The dystopian metropolis of Gothica is suddenly, after thousands of years of stasis, ripping itself apart at the seams while the immortal sentiner Delano tries desperately to determine why. Despite being the foremost authority on the supernatural nature of Gothica's reality, he could never have imagined the reason.

Enter Alexavier, an awkward sixteen year old banished from his idyllic home civilization for being too inquisitive. In search of an alternate home, he journeys a thousand miles across the wilderness, only to stumble upon the nightmarish Gothica in the night. Fate alone allows him safe passage through the city's ghostly borders and makes him the first outsider in the history of the city. Like Plato's philosopher who has seen more than a world of shadows on the cave wall, Alex's mere presence represents a threat to the nature of Gothica.

The city, sentient in its submission of dissidents, sets itself ablaze in riots and conflagrations in a futile reaction to the boy. Yet, he remains immune. Alex alone will right Gothica, or be its reaper.

Manifest is book one of the action-horror trilogy, The Darkening, an accessible but layered urban fantasy rooted in considered social analysis, intrigue, and conflict. It pits fact against faith, apathy against action, and reality against perceptions. It demands that we ask why, and it dares us to find an answer.

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