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Mark Dawson who made $450,000 last year

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Interesting, but seems like pretty standard advice.  Write well, write often, promote constantly, cash the checks.
Mark's always been a pro and handled himself with class on these boards.

I wouldn't have expected any less.

IIRC, Mark said he had "loads of days" when he wasn't selling much - but he persevered, and now he's selling like a boss!

Go Mark!
Mark's video series on Facebook ads is very valuable. Free, too. He's working on a paid course on how to make the most from Facebook ads. As an experiment, I added something like 70 subscribers to my newsletter on a budget of £20. I was giving away review copies of a novel not yet released, so hoping that will lead to reviews, plus the small spike in sales I saw more than paid for my outlay.

When I have more of a back-catalogue I will look at doing more like it, but for now - as Mark advises - I'm writing more, and writing often.
This is so great to see! Mark was one of our early writers in the Cafe, and one of the first to advertise on KBoards. I read his The Black Mile recently and it's a powerful mystery -- loved it.

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You'll find quite a few threads about Mark's success. He's incredibly generous with his time, and has shared loads of great advice here.
Mark's advice has one of my Facebook ads returning ~200%.  I'm actually making money on CPC advertising, for the first time EVER.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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