This international crime thriller tells a gripping tale of a heist and a ransom threat of monumental proportions! From acclaimed author John Joyce.

Masterpiece (COMMETT Book 1), by John Joyce
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301 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 5 reviews

"I read the first chapter of Masterpiece when it was included at the end of John Joyce's previous book "Fire and Ice". From that, it looked like the start of a clever "heist" story set in the Louvre. Having now read the complete book, it is much more than that. Even the write-up on the cover saying, "a nuclear weapon has been planted in the Louvre Museum in Paris and the detonator is ticking..." only gives a flavour of one of the plot lines. As the book evolves, not only are there several intertwining plot lines, but also many of the characters seem to have multiple motives for what they are doing, let alone their ideas of what the other characters' motive are. It all makes a very gripping novel that is hard to put down." -- Amazon reviewer
A stolen nuclear weapon has been placed somewhere in the Louvre Museum in Paris and the detonator is ticking . . .

THE RANSOM: $100 billion in aid for the suffering millions in Africa.

THE RESPONSE: While Paris is evacuated, crack police officer Gabrielle Arnault of COMMETT - Europol's Committee on European Techno-Terrorism - and terrorist turned academic Dr. Damien Flynn - join forces with Jean-Jacques Sabaut - the second man ever to steal the Mona Lisa - to take to the sewers to defuse the bomb and save the world's ultimate . . . MASTERPIECE.

THE RESULT: A roller coaster ride into the worlds of nuclear smuggling, stolen art and global energy politics stretching from Brussels to Barcelona and from Dublin to the Caspian Sea.

From JOHN JOYCE - the award-winning author of FIRE & ICE and the VIRTUAL TRILOGY of techno-thrillers - VIRTUALLY MARIA, A MATTER OF TIME, and YESTERDAY, TODAY & TOMORROW - which are all available on Kindle.

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Recently, my wife Jane and I paid a visit to Paris and to the Louvre Museum where the iconic painting the 'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo Da Vinci is on display in a hermetically sealed exhibit behind sheets of bulletproof glass.

As a creative writer - and someone who writes thrillers - my mind naturally wandered off on a flight of fantasy around the subject on how you cold actually STEAL it? The fruits of these musings, and a lot more besides, are contained in my fifth novel - MASTERPIECE - which is now available via Amazon.

Researching this book was enormous fun - from the trip to the Louvre, to a descent into the sewers of Paris, a trip to Atocha station in Madrid (which was the scene of a terrible terrorist attack described in the book), to London, Barcelona and, of course, our native Dublin. Inventing the characters was fun too, and I particularly enjoyed the 'company' (if I can use the term in relation to imaginary people) of Gabrielle Arnault - the uptight and methodical French policewoman - and the far less orthodox approach of Dr. Damien Flynn, a former IRA member, now lecturing on the origins of terrorism at a Dublin University. It was the initial friction between these two characters - each deeply wounded by terrorism in their own way - that really brought the book alive to me and propelled the plot on its way.

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