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May I have your opinion on these two cover fonts?

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Can you tell me which of these fonts you like the best? If neither, can you make suggestions? Thank you so much. I'm really sorry if these came out big. I don't know how to make them smaller.

Edited to reduce size...
You can change the size by putting width=400 or height=350 (or other numbers) in the first IMG tag as shown below:
[IMG width=400][/img]--Betsy
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I like the font on second one better.

The first looks like it might be hard to read at thumbnail size.

You probably want to shrink both covers to see how they will look.
I prefer the second one.  I"m not a huge fan of the old school looking type fonts like in the first one.  AND the second one is easier on my eyes - and when it comes to the title and author, it needs to be big enough and clear enough.  

The cover looks REALLY cool!

-jb 8)
I like the second one better, too, though I think you should make the text bigger. At the moment, I imagine that it'd pretty much disappear when you make it a thumbnail.
Thank you so much.  The second one it is then.  :)  And I'll make the fonts bigger.

Thanks Jim...glad you liked it. :)
Yes. Number two

I had thought that first font had read "OVAL" at first glance

And as we all know... a glance is sometimes all you get from a potential reader as they surf around looking for something to read

The artwork itself is striking
Thanks Frank.  That is good to know.  I was trying to find a font that looked kind of science-fictiony and that was the only one in my Corel that did.  But you are all wouldn't work well for this.  Yes, I thought the pic was really cool looking when I found it.  :)
The font in the second one is better.  However, Copperplate Gothic font is a bit overused these days, and because of that, has a touch of amateurism to it.  The rest of the cover looks professional, so the font choice stands out.

I agree with the others that the font for the title should be larger.

Also, be aware the kindle logo is going to be overlaid on the bottom right of the image, so part of your name is going to be cut off.
Thanks Swolf.  Could you recommend a font I can use?  I am an amateur. LOL But if I don't need to look like one, that would be good. 
Don't like either font. Second font is clearer, but I think it should be played with to find something else.
But you must make the font MUCH bigger. They will disappear in thumbnail otherwise.

Second one is better, but I am not crazy about it, I think I have seen it too much. I'm not great on recommendations unfortunately.

Nice image.
Thanks Tim and David.  I went through all of the available fonts in my Corel but after a while, they all start to look the same. :)  I'll keep trying though. And yes, I'll go much bigger. :)
JeanneM said:
Thanks Swolf. Could you recommend a font I can use? I am an amateur. LOL But if I don't need to look like one, that would be good.
It's tough to recommend a font because, for me, it's always something that fits the tone of the book, and you'd know that better than me.
Considering I thought the first font said OVAL, I'd nix that one. And the second font isn't all that much better, but at least you can read the letters *s*  Great artwork, by the way.  Striking.
Hi Jeanne,

I like the cover... clean, simple. I think the fonts need to be a lot bigger, especially the title. : )
The second font (Copperplate Gothic?) always says "banking and finance" to me. I'd look for something very hi-tech. There's a font called Incarnation that I'd be tempted to try.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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