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smreine said:
I'd like to address this directly. Money earned through audience-building in Select is as legitimate as audience-building outside of Select. All Select achieves is increasing the number of eyeballs on a book, and if you have a decent book that people like, you can steal those eyeballs (um, and the rest of the individual, ideally). You have to have a plan for staying in touch with all of the extra (delicious) eyeballs you get with Select. Then they've turned from being Amazon's audience into your audience, and suddenly, it is an issue of long term money.

Amazon might only have 60% of the ebook market share these days, but I think that they have a much larger portion of the indie-produced market share, because their tools for visibility and audience building are better. But Select, as with all things, is a tool in a toolbox. Different people will find different tools work for them better than others. A carpenter needs her hammer every day, but a welder may not. That doesn't mean someone's stupid for sticking to her carpentering when the welder's off having fun with her butane torch.
One might as well just upload all their books to the Pirate Bay. In the end, same thing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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