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From my POV:

1. Select has run its course.
I tried Select once, months ago, and was VERY unhappy with the results. I've not used it sense.

2. Twitter and Facebook are time sinks (as is all social media, presumably)
While I have an account on both, I don't know how to use them. I tweet once a month...some little nugget of wisdom and that's it. My FB page only contains my covers - I don't even know how to "like" other people.

3. Paid advertising is a waste of money (Except Bookbub, but only if you're one of the few and anointed in advance)
This is false. Paid advertising on book sites might be a waste, I wouldn't know. Paid advertising on targeted market sites works well for me.

4. Book review sites don't drive sales (So don't bother soliciting reviews)
I've never solicited reviews. I have plenty, but those are the result of sales. The sales egg came before the review chicken.

5. POI and ENT are too clogged with submissions to care about your free book (see above)
I've never used either of these, nor have I ever given a book away for free. I reside in the group that thinks free books are a mistake, but can understand the other side of the debate.

So, for the author who is just starting out, there's no reliable way to market their book, no matter how hard they work. Every marketing option is followed up with a credible "don't bother" from someone on this board.

I know the answer, but I've decided to write a book on how to sell books, so you'll just have to wait until I finish it. ;D
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