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We've got a good one for you today - it's part of the highly-rated Marty Singer mystery series. See why readers are falling in love with this retired homicide detective!

"This was a well written, fast-paced page turner that kept me engaged every step of the way." -- Jim Woodruff

"Another great Marty Singer novel...this one twists through the alphabet soup of agencies charged with criminal investigation and ends with an unexpected turn. Marty's hunt for a group of vigilantes that are killing hoods and anyone, including cops, who get in the way of their little enterprise, brings us face to face with the challenges the law enforcement community experiences every day. We find ourselves drawn into the lives of the dead and the people who serve them in an effort to bring their killers to justice. Again, Matthew Iden brings us realistic characters with whom we can identify as we are given an insider view of the pressures, motives and outcomes of the choices they make." -- Gypsy, Amazon reviewer
Blueblood (A Marty Singer Mystery), by Matthew Iden

Four unrelated murders. Nothing special in Washington DC. Not even good enough to make the evening news. But then a concerned police lieutenant approaches retired homicide detective Marty Singer with a simple fact that changes everything.

They were all cops.

In a race to stop the killings, Marty tackles the case from the outside, chasing the killer from deadly Southeast DC to the heart of the Virginia gangland, on a mission to stop the spilling of yet more Blueblood.

Blueblood is the second book in the Marty Singer mystery series.

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Matthew Iden writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, crime fiction, and contemporary literary fiction with a psychological twist. An eclectic resume--he's held jobs with the US Postal Service, international non-profit groups, a short stint with the Forest Service in Sitka, Alaska and time with the globe-spanning Semester at Sea program--has given him inspiration for short stories and novel ideas, while trips to Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica haven't hurt in the creative juices department, either. A post-graduate education in English Literature wasn't necessary, but it helped define what he didn't want to do with his life and let him read a great deal of good books. Please visit him on the web at, Tweet @CrimeRighter, or find him on Facebook, Matthew lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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