In this extraordinary book, author Ayala Rachelle Michal fleshes out one of those fascinating women in biblical history: Michal, lover and wife of King David, who had the guts to stand up to the establishment and the courage to take her punishment. In the author's words, "Michal was shortchanged in most history books, novels and Bible commentaries, so I wrote my own version of her story to vindicate this heroic woman, too strong for her time." Normally $3.99, this book is on sale now for $1.99.

Michal's Window (A Novel: King David's First Wife), by Rachelle Ayala

"I climbed through Michal's Window with skeptical anticipation. How compatible would romance be with something as controversial as biblical truth? And, how would Rachelle Ayala manage to draw forth plot twists and intrigue from a tale as well worn as time itself? But as I began turning the pages, Ayala's brilliant prose breathed life into one of history's most misunderstood protagonists, captivating my attention for the duration." -- El Velo se ha Caido - Mario Gomez

"There hasn't been a single night I didn't go to bed without thinking of Michal, and her plights. When she craved for David, I hoped he'd come back to her. When she saw how power and time changed David, I felt sad for her. It was only Michal who was on my mind. It makes you sink into the world of the characters and makes you think over and over again, replaying each event in your head. I sympathized and empathized with Michal." -- Backstabber Book Blog - Sudeshna Thakurta

"A very long, interesting, colorful, and worthy read. This book is far from the ordinary - it's an imaginative journey with Michal and David. This book made me smile, blush, cry, and more." -- My Book and My Coffee
Not your Grandma's Bible Story...
It's not easy being a woman, least of all princess of Israel. Married as a prize, abandoned as a wife, Michal fights to claim her rightful spot next to King David, the man she loves with all her heart.
Separated by war, concubines, and kingdom politics, Michal embarks on a journey of adventure and heartache where she is befriended by a goddess-worshipping priestess and tempted by a Philistine prince.
From reading scrolls high atop the palace walls to seduction with a henna-painted body, Michal is not your ordinary Bible heroine. Join her in Michal's Window and let her delight you with her courage, devotion, and outrageous passion in her relentless drive to win back her husband.
Content advisory: sexual situations, blood and violence

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Rachelle Ayala is the author of three romantic novels. Michal's Window is a powerful, emotional journey as lived through the eyes of Princess Michal, King David's first wife. Broken Build is a story of healing where a man learns to love and trust the woman who destroyed his life. Finally, Hidden Under Her Heart is a heartfelt love story mixed with controversy over difficult decisions.

Rachelle is currently working on a romantic suspense involving family secrets, disability, and an unsolved murder. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has three children and has taught violin and made mountain dulcimers.

Visit her at: or follow @AyalaRachelle on Twitter.

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