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Middle Grade fiction?

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So I'm trying my hand at a middle grade storyfor 2013.

I'm wondering how long should it be? With the outline I did, it looks to run around 23,000 words, giver or tak a couple thousand. Plus, I'm anticipating some illustrations.

Is that long enough? How long do most MG books run? I can pad this out if I wanted, but I figured kids have a shorter attention span at that age.

Has anyone else done MG with illustrations? I know when I was that age some of the really old hardbacks I read had drawings and so forth and I thought they were the coolest books.
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Are you doing upper middle grade or lower middle grade? Upper being, I believe, ages 10 to 12, and lower being ages 8 to 10. For lower MG 23,000 words would probably be fine. For upper MG you could definitely go higher.
What Shayne said. Depending on the genre and age level, MG can run anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000+ words. But definitely don't pad it.

You should read modern MG books to get a feel for what's being published today. You may be surprised at the sophistication of the modern middle grade novel.

Hope that helps!

Hadn't narrowed it down that far. The concept is for something ages 8 and up could read, depending on their reading skill. It also will have puns and some parody in it that might appeal to a specific group of adults (pulp readers)

And I think it's more geared toward boys than girls, but there is one of each as the main characters.

What are the stats on MG readers? Is there a disparity like there is in the adult sections (ie, that more women read eboks than men)?
I believe the diary of a wimpy kid books (heavy on illustrations) are around 20,000 words.  One thing to think about, girls will read books with boy MCs, but in many cases, boys are reluctant to read books with girl MCs.  I don't know if there are more boy or girl readers though.  Good luck!
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