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Middlewitch Mayhem (The Middlewitch Chronicles)

Published by Drollerie Press 6th June 2011

Join Alicia Meldrew for more adventures in Middlewitch Mayhem - the second book in the Middlewitch Chronicles by Heather Parker. (Although it's not necessary to have read Middlewitch first!)

Just because Alicia Meldrew is a witch doesn't mean that everything in her life is double, double, toil and trouble. Then again, trouble does have a way of finding her over and over again, even in the cozy little town of Middlewitch.

Alicia is starting to settle down with her new husband and a baby on the way, but little things like demon possession and mis-cast time spells keep getting in the way. Still, lake monsters, vampires (the bad kind, because you can't generalize, you know), and vengeful enemies are no match for her, especially with the support of family and friends.

With the community coming together to help her, her cats Domino and Tango dispensing wisdom each in their own way, and her husband James even doing a little bit of magic himself, Alicia can manage just about anything. Except possibly getting along with her mother-in-law...

Review of Middlewitch Mayhem

Absolutely fun tale about a witch, her friends and family, and the little town of Middlewitch where she lives and serves as protector.

What I really love about this book is the strong sense of community in this novel. Whenever something threatens to overwhelm Alicia, someone is there to lend a helping hand and help her save the day. Middlewitch is one of those places you read about that you wish you could sneak into, because it just seems like such a cozy place to be. Sure there are lake monsters and the occasional spectral goat, but little inconveniences like that are worthwhile when you have the right people to help you out of them.

Alicia herself is a strong, spunky character, too. Part of what makes this book un-miss-able, though, is Domino and Tango. I don't know if
you're a fan of talking animals or not, but Domino's wit and Tango's sweet temper are impossible to dislike, either way. The whole book has a strong message of acceptance, too, which I really like.
Lisa Asanuma

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