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Milestone achieved!

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I'm not sure if this counts as a prawny milestone or a semi-pro one, but "The Atomic Sea: Volume One" ( ) just became the first one of my novels to garner over a hundred reviews. Woo-hoo!

Many of the reviews came after the recent Bookbub freebie ad, which was amazing. The only downside is that the reviews for free books tend to be more negative. Still, it's at 4.2 right now, so not too bad.
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Congratulations.  4.2 is great.
Congratulations on obtaining over 100 reviews! That is awesome!
Congrats! I think gaining over 100 reviews is a big deal. Very awesome!
Congratulations! That together with making Mark Lawrence's list of blog review winners should give your book a real boost. :)
Congrats, Jack! I just cracked 100 on No Such Thing As Werewolves the other day. Woohoo, go us!

*high fives Jack*
Thanks, guys! And well done, Chris. (high fives back)
Congrats! What a milestone :)

Do you mind sharing how long it took, time wise, for that many reviews to roll in?
That is really wonderful!  Has it boosted the sales of your other books?
Alice, to answer your question: I published the book in mid-December, so it's taken five months to garner that many reviews. By contrast, I have other books that have been published for over a year and they haven't received half that number of reviews, if that. Even before the Bookbub ad, "The Atomic Sea" was attracting more reviews than my other books.

As to the question on whether it helps sales across the board, if you mean the number of reviews, I don't know, not yet. :) I just got there, after all. If you mean the Bookbub ad, yes, I have noticed an across-the-board bump, which is delightful. Delightful!
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