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Hi all,

I recently wrote a profile of horror author Vincent Hobbes that I would like to share with you all. His book is available on Kindle at Happy reading!


An avid reader as a child, horror author Vincent Hobbes grew up nurtured by parents who encouraged his creativity. His dad used to read to him, Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, over and over. In high school, he had two wonderful teachers who motivated him and gave him the confidence to pursue his creative mind.

"My parents always pushed me to be creative," states Hobbes. "They allowed me to harness that side, something I believe few parents do. I read a lot, and always enjoyed reading and writing. In high school, I had two English teachers that urged me on. They made the subject interesting, and sparked a wild ride where I eventually became a writer."

His fascination with horror fiction began at an early age. Like many authors of his generation, he read a lot of Stephen King. He also loved horror movies. To top it off, he also liked scaring people. "Ask my sister, I absolutely loved scaring her the most while growing up. I suppose she was my test subject. Horror has always come natural to me."

Today, Hobbes is the author of The Contrived Senator, Exiles, Plight of the Warrior, To Read or Not to Read, The Hour of the Time, Limbo-population 428, The Dragon of Delinar, THEY, Khost, Charms Indigo, and Seal Team 2025. His job consists of writing and producing other books for writers. "I'm one of the lucky ones," he says, "I get to do this full time." One of his latest novels, Khost, is a military horror/thriller inspired by actual events about a group of Special Operators in Afghanistan who are sent on a mission to kill 'something' in a cave. He calls military horror Militainment, or military entertainment, a category that can cross into horror, action, adventure, and thrillers.

Hobbes describes his working environment as "unorganized madness," and tries to keep a disciplined writing schedule to stay in practice and exercise his creative muscles. He believes that's what defines a professional writer from one who simply likes to write. He may stray from it at times, but usually the pressure of a deadline keeps him on track. As far as his writing process, he doesn't edit as he goes. He believes a story must be put on paper first, and he tries to write as fast as he can until he has a completed manuscript. "In my opinion, you lose momentum if you try to perfect your work before finishing. Editing can wait," he says.

Success can be hard to define, but this writer seems to have clarity about this facet of being an author: "If I can have readers enjoy some down time with one of my books, I feel I've been successful," he states. "And if I continue to grow as a writer, and get better as time passes, I feel that's successful too."

Hobbes's advice to aspiring horror authors is to "Write and write what you want. Going outside the box is more important than following a certain mold. To do this, a writer must write." He also reviews books on his blog and is happy to consider novels from other authors.

Presently, the author is enjoying the Militainment sub-genre and has a novella, Charms Indigo, and a short novel, Seal Team 2025 coming up soon.
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