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You will only see the face of a reaper just before you die but they are everywhere.
Unseen and unheard.
Most of them don't mind this existence and live simply to help the dead pass from one place to the next. This is the story of the one reaper who wasn't satisfied with his existence and really didn't care about the dead anymore.
Ivan is tired of being invisible and unheard, collecting the souls of the dead. He has been working for over 200 years without a day off. The only thing he wants is to live a normal life and be free of his isolation. When the opportunity comes up to go on vacation he takes it. However, when he stops collecting the souls of the dead, the balance of the universe is thrown off. This is bad for everyone on earth as the uncollected souls are left to wander. Yet it presents an opportunity for the souls trapped in hell.
An age old feud ruins a young man's life and leaves him suffering in hell. The actions of a reaper set him free. A beautiful monster hunts for him.
Among those in hell is Nick, part man part monster. Nick's family are werewolves, mortal men with demon blood in their bloodlines. Nick thought he was like them but discovered he was something much worse. A demon-like creature that could destroy his pack sooner than save them. Yet when they escape from hell, he is forced to fight for their freedom and against his own dark nature. This same nature means he is drawn to the demon who tortured him in hell. He finds her irresistible despite everything she has done to him. He will need to find a way for his people to remain free while also resisting the dark love/hate romance that is growing between he and Abyzou.
Where do they belong and what will they sacrifice to get there?
Ivan's job is now to right the wrongs he has caused. He is tasked with helping to round up the souls who escaped hell. If he does this, will he give up the life he so desperately wants and doom another to eternity in hell? Is there a way for both of them to get what they want without destroying everything they love? Will they loose themselves in their search for salvation?
Monsters and Invisible Men
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