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This is an anthology of my earliest short stories. MORE SINNED AGAINST features New Jersey Private Investigator:

MORE SINNED AGAINST is a collection of Jackson Donne stories by Dave White, author of WHEN ONE MAN DIES and THE EVIL THAT MEN DO from Three Rivers Press.
JACKSON DONNE knows a few things about chances. The New Jersey eye's had several. Once upon a time, he was a narcotics cop. That came in handy, since he was also a narcotics user. That came crashing down, leaving Donne on the outs with the police.
When we meet him in 2000's "God Bless the Child," he's mourning the loss of Jeanne, the woman who turned his life around and cleaned him up. He's got a problem with the bottle now, but manages it nicely -- or at least thinks he does. His biggest problem, though, is that he doesn't know what to do with his life. The instincts that made him a cop to begin with are still in full force. He turns on a client who lies about abusing a child ("God Bless the Child"), goes to bat for a drinking buddy facing eviction ("More Sinned Against"), watches in horror as the events of 9/11 claim two lives after the fact ("Closure"), and finds out he's not the only one with a past that won't leave him alone ("Get Miles Away"). Set in New Brunswick, NJ, near Rutgers University, Donne is a small town eye with an urban feel. The setting is made all the more real by creator David White, Rutgers grad and New Brunswick resident. White began the series while working on a thesis, a novel called Borrowed Trouble, which he has since stripped apart to create his short stories. A solid series, Jackson Donne will be around for a long time to come. -- Thrilling Detective
"God Bless the Child" first appeared in Thrilling Detective, 2000.
"More Sinned Against" first appeared in Handheld Crime, 2002.
"Closure" first appeared in Thrilling Detective, 2002.
"Get Miles Away" first appeared in Thrilling Detective, 2003.
"God's Dice" first appeared in Thrilling Detective, 2004.
"Darkness on the Edge of Town" first appeared in Thrilling Detective, 2004.
"Reptile Smile" first appeared in Shred of Evidence, 2004

But here's the actual deal: Buy my novel WITNESS TO DEATH (linked below) and email me after you do (davewhitenovels <at> yahoo <dot> com). If you do, I will send you a FREE copy of MORE SINNED AGAINST. That's two books for 99 cents. I hope you'll give it a try.


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Welcome to KindleBoards, Dave, and congratulations on your book!

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