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Mores is written by Gabriel Fitzpatrick and due to be released on the 29th of March.

Mores is a story of progression and understanding told through the eyes of two characters thousands of years apart.

It opens with the neolithic girl striving to find her place in the world as she struggles to understand her surroundings and fellows. The modern woman fights with an entirely different landscape as she steps outside of her bounds to discover parts of herself she never knew existed. Each must fight against all that they have ever known to forge a new path entirely their own. Freedom comes at a high price.

We are currently looking for blog tour hosts if anyone would be interested. The blog tour will run from 29th March - 5th April unless we get a lot of interest then it will be extended. The posts are to consist of posts relating back to Mores, i.e. strong women, write what you know, etc. We can also do press releases and are very open to reviews of the book.

If you want to be a host please shout!

Closer to the time we'll be running a treasure hunt with some prizes up for grabs and one of Gabriel's other books will be going free in a few weeks time. If you have any questions about Gabriel or Mores then please feel free to stop by and ask.
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