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MOST LIKELY (Re-branded with a NEW cover by Vicki Lieske!)

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Becky Howard is a teen under pressure. Pressure from her best friend not to breathe a word about the abuse she's suffering by her mother. Pressure from her sister to understand her marital difficulties. Pressure from her boyfriend to get more physical than she's ready for. And pressure from the rumors about her boyfriend that are eroding her trust in him. As she prepares for the biggest track meet of her life, Becky's about to learn that sometimes growing up is about more than having sex, and that clinging to ideals might not be as helpful as learning to expect whatever is MOST LIKELY.

MOST LIKELY is approximately 63,000 words long and contains light Christian themes.
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Starting TODAY, I will be giving away SEVEN COPIES of MOST LIKELY, free via Smashwords, to the first seven folks who post a reply to this thread.

Honest reviews posted to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, as well as ratings, Facebook Likes, Tweets, etc., would be appreciated from the winners, but are NOT required.

Just post here that you want a copy.

You can either put your email address in your post, or PM it to me AFTER posting your interest here.

Once seven copies are claimed, it's over... so... act fast!

And thank you!
Still have the seven-copy giveaway going on!

Just reply to this thread and you win a free copy of MOST LIKELY, normally $2.99.

In the meantime, here's the final schedule for my upcoming MOST LIKELY eBook Blog Tour:

June 20, 2011: I'll be doing a guest-post on T.L. Haddix's blog.

June 21, 2011: Ten Random Facts feature at Bards and Sages.

June 22, 2011: Book excerpt at Speak Without Interruption.

June 23, 2011: Guest post on indie publishing at Prissy Fit.

June 24, 2011: Author interview at Jerry's Writing Corner.

June 25, 2011: Guest post on can writing be taught on Sybil Nelson's Writer's Lounge blog.

June 26, 2011: Author interview at's Books blog courtesy interviewer Nadine Earnshaw.
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Finalized MOST LIKELY Blog Tour Schedule:

June 20, 2011: Guest Blog Post, "How I Wrote MOST LIKELY... the First Time," on T.L. Haddix's blog.

June 21, 2011: Ten Random Facts at Bards and Sages.

June 22, 2011: Book excerpt at Speak Without Interruption.

June 23, 2011: Guest Blog Post, "Ember Cole Interviews Becky Howard," at Prissy Fit.

June 24, 2011: Author interview at Jerry's Writing Corner.

June 25, 2011: Guest Blog Post, "Can Writing Be Taught," on Sybil Nelson's Writer's Lounge blog.

June 26, 2011: Author interview at's Books blog courtesy interviewer Nadine Earnshaw. Also in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Also, for the final 10 days of June, MOST LIKELY will be on sale at Smashwords for the price of $0.99! Just enter Coupon Code DU75B at checkout!
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Well, the book tour is a wrap.

I would love to have people consider buying Most Likely, especially if you enjoyed the tour.

But for now, I'm working hard to get my next book out. SHADA, a prequel short novel that sets up the debut of EMBER, will be $0.99 and hopefully will appear in July!

To celebrate, I have MOST LIKELY half-off at Smashwords all this month, as part of SW's site-wide summer promo.

Details here:
Heads up!

Thanks to a kindly reviewer, MOST LIKELY now has 11 fewer mistakes. It's been corrected and re-uploaded... but the improved version may not be available for 1-3 days yet, depending on where you get it from.

This is following an update from a couple weeks ago, where I eliminated 3 other un-caught mistakes.

So, it appears that with those 14 typos fixed (most of them very minor and hard to catch), the copy of MOST LIKELY to buy is now more mistake-free than ever before.

(The recent 11 changes were small things like changing a period to a comma when an attribution follows, adding a missing word, and eliminating a space between a word and a punctuation mark. That kind of stuff.)

Even so, MOST LIKELY is now better than ever! Consider grabbing your copy... soon!
Today, 78 new readers took a chance on MOST LIKELY through a LibraryThing Giveaway! Woo!

Hopefully that generates some reviews and some word-of-mouth sales!

Lovin' it!

Oh, and the trade paper version has been released via CreateSpace! Only $10.99 for a traditional print version! Available now on CreateSpace and soon on Amazon and other retailers. (I did the ProPlan.)
Nice bit:

I am up to 7 reviews now on Amazon. One is a 5-star and six are 4-star. It's a nice spread.

I checked out other reviews by the same person who offered up review #7 and she's a good, tough critic, so those four stars were hard-won.

That makes it nicer, naturally.

Hopefully sales will pick up soon. It's been over a month since a single copy was sold. :(
Hi all!

Great news for you bargain book shoppers!

MOST LIKELY is moving to a friendship price of only $0.99 for the entire month of September, in honor of my upcoming 45th birthday!

If you all blow me away with improved sales numbers, I may leave it at $0.99 throughout the remainder of 2011!

If you've been on the fence about buying MOST LIKELY, now's your chance!
I'm keeping the $0.99 price on MOST LIKELY for the rest of 2011 at least!
The release of SHADA is generating new interest in MOST LIKELY as well.

Try both!
Hey all,

Got a nice review from a site in New Zealand.

It's here:
MOST LIKELY and SHADA are now equal in sales... But SHADA did it in 1/3rd the time!

Yet MOST LIKELY made more money along the way... it sold a lot of copies at $2.99 before I dropped the price.
Now enjoying its second year of life, MOST LIKELY is still finding new readers!
Hey all!

Guess what? I have 12 free promo codes to give away for the brand-new audiobook version of Most Likely, voiced by the talented Jen Harvey!

Interested? Go here to find out details, readers!
Hey all!

Exciting news!

Victorine E. Lieske, my business partner at Blue Valley Author Services, has taken on the task of helping me re-brand my backlist titles, giving them a fresh look.

Here's Vicki's take on my very first novel, MOST LIKELY, the first new cover it's had since it launched in May 2011!

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Coming later today:

Now, in addition to Vicki's glorious new cover, Most Likely's formatting has been completely updated and modernized by me. The December 2013 edition, produced in the wake of the audiobook production, catching what is hopefully the last of any remaining errors, was the basis for this new edition.

The June 2014 (4th Kindle) edition will be released later today on Amazon in eBook form. I'm also working on getting new files uploaded to CreateSpace with an all-new wraparound cover by Vicki, too. And I've been trying to get ACX to respond to my request to modify the cover in their system as well, so that the cover art on all editions matches.

I'll soon be doing the same thing for Shada, too.

Also coming soon? Most Likely will debut for the first time ever on Google Play Books. :) With other titles to follow.
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