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how's about posting a personal story about your mom. funny, sad or anything else.
here's mine:

the time and place:mid 1960's my kindergarten class.
one day for show and tell i saw my moms prized beautiful hand decorated styrofoam egg xmas ornaments and asked her if i could take one to school for show and tell. she was very reluctant since they were very precious to her. i promised to take good care of it and bring it home safely and she relented.

during show and tell the teacher would pick an item one by one from the pile of stuff the kids brought and the item owner would then come forward and show and tell it. she finally got to the brown paper bag with my moms egg in it. she removed the egg and made a big fuss about how beautiful the egg was. i was a very, very shy kid back then and her well intended fussing made my brain go into lock down and i couldn't/wouldn't go to the front of the class i just sat there trying to be invisible. the teacher repeatedly asked the class who's egg it was and was totally confounded why nobody would answer. finally she decided to ask each student one by one if it was their egg. at this time i decided when she came to ask me i would come clean and try to do my show and tell and get it over with as quickly as possible.

crime of the century
after asking a few students (before getting to me) and getting negative responses she came to a little blond girl (don't remember her name) the teacher asked if it was her egg and guess what? she said YES. the teacher was so relieved to finally figure out who the "owner" was. the teacher then asked the girl if it was supposed to be a gift for her (the teacher) and again the criminal blond said YES. the teacher was very happy and thanked the little criminal for the gift. i was absolutely dumbfounded at what just happened but was paralyzed with shyness and just sat there in silence knowing i was in big trouble with my mom now.

when i got home my mom was of course very unhappy with me but i just couldn't work up the nerve to explain what happened to her egg and i remained silent about it to this day. i wouldn't doubt she still remembers that egg gate incident after all these decades so one day i will come clean and explain the whole story. she of course knew how shy i was back then and would certainly be understanding...i hope. anyway it would be a good laugh i would think.

ps criminal blond chick, you bite :mad:
Mrs Lemon you still rock but can i have my moms egg back? ::)
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