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If this post is in the wrong area on KB, I apologize in advance and welcome your suggestions on where to move it. But in case I am in the right place...

I usually come to KB for the great discussions, but this time it's to see if I can match a job that I need done with the right person.

I'm the Internet guy for several dealerships in the Midwest and I would love to meet someone who would work from home and knock-out some light-volume but varied writing tasks and generally engage with our online audience.  For example, in a given week for one store, I have to:

1. Write a few blog posts (not articles, but instead: short, original 100-ish word variety posts with links and an image or two; very lightweight stuff.)
2. Pin a few dozen times to our Pinterest boards.
3. Engage with our 14,000+ Facebook fans.
4. More of the same, just on different sites: Foursquare, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Generally, it would take a few hours a day and I can pay $10 to $15 an hour, depending on your experience.  Speaking of experience, it's not required, per se; the only thing that's required is a good mind and some writing skills.  And that's what I really mean by "lightweight" writing.  Yes, there are some blogs posts, but mostly it's informal writing, posting, commenting, etc. and good grammar is really the ticket.  

I also thought of something else that might be of value, beyond the pay: most indie writers are responsible for their own book marketing.  Well, I market online professionally in a competitive industry so you might end-up learning a thing or two that could help you in your own endeavors.

If you're interested, please send me a message and I'll hit you back.  

P.S. I feel like an intruder writing about non-writing stuff in the Writers' Cafe, but I thought that there's more than one starving writer who wouldn't mind a change of pace every day, and get paid for it in the process.  Thanks!!

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