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Chris Collins is the hottest guy in the neighborhood. The girls who go to school with him think so, and even their mothers agree. When Chris flirts with Mrs. Brock one night at a restaurant, she's flattered but knows it's nothing serious. But when Mrs. Brock's emotionally distant and boring husband jokingly urges her to get a boyfriend, she takes it seriously, and the older lady pursues the younger man.

This 12,000+ word novelette contains adult situations and is intended for adults 18 and older.

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It was getting close to nine o'clock, the time the ladies usually wrapped up their outing if it was on a weeknight. They bickered about who would pick up the check. Nancy insisted that she pay it.

The waitress who was serving them was a cute girl, probably within a year or so of Chris's age.

"I bet that's his type," Nancy said.

"Too tan, ditzy and big boobs?" Jean whispered.

"What makes you think she's ditzy?" Marla asked.

Jean took a sip of water. "The big boobs."

Nancy sat up straight and threw her shoulders back. "You're just saying that because you don't have them."

All three ladies laughed and Marla said, "I guess I'm in the middle. Just…average."

"Oh, here we go." Nancy laid the sarcasm on thick.

"What do you mean?"

"You're always talking yourself down," Jean said. "You're the prettiest of all three of us."

"Thanks!" Nancy said, a bit too loudly. She turned the volume down a bit. "But it's true."

"In fact," Jean said, "if any of us could have gotten a guy like our young bartender over there, it would have been you."

"Oh, stop it," Marla said. "You're both-we're all-beautiful people. And not just on the outside."

"I love a good pep talk," Nancy said.

The ladies made their way outside, talked for a couple of minutes in the parking lot, kissed cheeks all around, and got in their cars.

On the drive home, Marla thought about what Jean had said: If any of us could have gotten a guy like our young bartender over there, it would have been you.

She wasn't sure that was true. What stood out to her, though, was Jean's use of the past tense. She felt a little old right then, like the game had passed her by.
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