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MURDER GOES ROUND AND ROUND is free on Kindle from Jan.9 to Jan.13.

Payroll padding contractors, sleazy bar owners, cops on the take, real-estate scammers, mob infested politicians, and rabid carousel fanatics make Murder Goes Round and Round a roiling crime tale that will keep you guessing until the end.

Grief stricken over his wife's untimely death, Russell Gerrard's life is on the verge of total shutdown. When his brother-in-law is arrested for murder, Russ, knowing his wife would have done anything for her brother, pulls himself together and comes to his brother-in-law's aid.

Russ suspects a frame-up incited by his financially strapped brother-in-law putting his million dollar antique carousel up for sale. Many in Sea Gate, a decaying resort, feel the ninety year old carousel is the last vestige of the town's glory days, and want to use it as the centerpiece of the town's revival plans.

We have all ridden a carousel at some time in our lives whether at an amusement park or at a traveling fair. How were carousels invented? What inspired the inventors? Why are the early ones antiques today? What is the story behind the vivid colors, the accoutrements on the horses, and the brass ring machine? You will find the answers to these questions and a wonderful puzzler mystery in Murder Goes Round and Round.

Here is the link to the Kindle page

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