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Fifteen-year-old Joe Hale has always felt different from kids his own age. Born with heightened senses and awareness; the teen suffers from insomnia and vivid dreams and nightmares, just like the ones that plague his father William, a high-ranking Air Force pilot.

Following the death of his mother, Joe moves with his father and younger sister Lily across the country to Goldpan; a small desert town in Nevada where the family tries to adjust to life in a community which has a past riddled with dark secrets.

After a mysterious virus is unleashed upon the town and rapidly spreads, William has suspicions about his new job at Area 51-the most secretive military base in the world.

Joe discovers he's not alone as he thought after meeting twins Sonny and Lenny and a girl named Darian whose father has recently gone missing. Together the new friends unravel a disturbing conspiracy which threatens humanity and leads to frightening discoveries that will betray their friendships and reveal everyone's true destinies.
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