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My Birthday Kindle Blinks

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When I flip the page it goes to black for half a second before settling on the next page.
I called Amazon and they said this is normal.

Now maybe I'm spoiled because I'm used to reading books on my iPhone (though how reading a book on something as big as a pack of cigarettes makes me spoiled I don't know) but on the iPhone it's a seamless little world.

How do you all feel about this? It's tweaking me out.
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Amazon are correct, it is normal and has to do with the way the e-ink screen refreshes itself. Personally, I found that after I'd used my Kindle for a while I didn't notice it anymore, especially if I was immersed in what I was reading. I don't think it bothers most users.

For more information on how the e-ink screen works:-,73465.msg1181739.html#msg1181739
Yes, perfectly normal, it's inherent in the way the Kindle screen works.

It does take a little getting used to, but you'll quickly forget about it. To me, the advantages of the e-ink screen in terms of visibility in bright light and low power consumption far outweigh this minor irritation.
Funny story on this. My co-worker got a Kindle and brought it to work for me to look at because it blinked when turning pages. I looked at it and told her I would check mine because I didn't think it did. Went home sure enough mine did too. I was so used to it I didn't even realize it was doing it. She said it took her a couple of days to not notice.
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