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My Boyfriend's Wife PT 1, by Mychea
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129 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 21 reviews

"Great read and I highly recommend this book. Mychea well written and it was loaded with drama from start to finish, loved how the characters and it wasn't your usual storyline alittle outside the box with the title. Can't wait for PT.2 to see what happens with Ananda, Malcolm and Heather." -- Amazon reviewer
Trust no man. Every action has a reaction and sometimes that reaction is... Death

Lust, Lies and Betrayal
Scarred by the one you love...
Ananda is on her way to the top. A frail heart and mistrust of men once took her soul to the bottom. Her sassy personality is how she forges her way through in life and remains in control. Until she meets the man, most women's dreams are made of. Ananda can't believe she'll finally get a happily ever after.... Until a tawdry secret reveal splits her world in two and forces Ananda to realize that dreams are for children and she is a grown woman now. Ananda struggles to contain her raging emotions but lack of judgment, a feisty attitude and her ride or die friend Tracey that is always down with the get down; keeps everyone on their toes and Ananda is on the warpath to let everyone know that there will be hell to pay for anyone who steps in her path.

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Meet the Author

A native of the Metropolitan of Washington, DC, Mychea ( has had a dream to have her words shown in print since the age of eleven, when she began a series of illustrations and short stories.

She is the author of fiction novels My Boyfriend's Wife, He Loves Me, He Loves You Not 1 & 2, Coveted and Vengeance. She also produces plays based off of her novels in Washington, DC. In her spare time, Mychea loves to draw, model and act.

She is hard at work on her next novel and stage play.

For a chance to contact Mychea for guest appearances or speaking engagements, please email [email protected]

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